Oblivion Release

Single OUT NOW
OBLIVION is a glimpse into a new era for TOVA, the brazenly unapologetic vocals, matched with the visceral delivery of the huge guitars, drums and haunting synths showcase the ever-growing depths and message behind the bands music. This is a song that breathes new life into the UK rock scene. 
The search for OBLIVION is something I looked for every day as a functioning addict, the moments before passing out when nothing felt real and I could relax, oblivion never lasted, it is a steady march to an unhappy ending and it's not something I can be a part of anymore. This song is for anyone struggling in addiction and I hope to be an example of someone who has gotten through to the other side of it. 
Mixed & Produced by Jack Fawdry (TOVA) Mastered at Metropolis Studios