Absent Release

Absent Single Out: 04.09.20

The song was written & recorded entirely in lockdown. Due to Covid we've had to change how we work, from recording vocals in a car to filming this video with one camera and a strobe in a bedroom, we've adapted and made it work. This music is a catharsis for us and we don't have another way to get the frustration and anxiety created by the virus out, we've written this in the hope that people feeling trapped and alone can find an escape and comfort in ABSENT.

WARNING: This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.


Started, down there on my back
I'm good at picking myself up and dragging the past
Setting the traps
Falling asleep, just to wake up inside my own nightmares, as simple as that
Lifting myself off my back
Tying my laces with bear traps
Dragging the closet and guilt for so long its feels wrong I forgot how to act
I'm cut loose eyes in a hurricane
I'm a shell shocked shotgun that's gone insane
I'm a man that's cut all his retrains
Take a sip of my memories and see how they taste mate

Acting out lupine-like philistine scripts
Theres a pressure point left that you haven't yet hit
Theres a disease that circles inside of your brain
And you can't throw it up, it won't circle the drain
I'm a heartbreak letter in the pouring rain
I'm an asphalt dealer with a cage of pain
New wave heart attack, that's ready to react, take a step to the back now take a step back

Choose your Gods
And sing their song
They left rules to break
But play along

I'm not bowing my head or begging for pieces
Look at the rubble thats growing beneath us
I'm not running from God
I'm not looking for Jesus
If we don't find him then how could he leave us?